TT.MP5.7022NNN - EinCar

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Model: 7022
Type: MP5 Player 
Screen type: Capacitive Multi-touch screen
Screen size: 7 inches 
Screen resolution: 800*480 
Panel size: 178mm*100mm/7*3.93'' 
Host depth: 43mm/1.69'' 
Mobile Interconnection: support, may not compatible with some phone models
GPS navigation: support 
Radio band: FM single band 
Radio frequency: 87.5M-108M 
Language: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, German
Dual screen with display: no support 
Backing video input: support 
Reverse detection method: tail line detection 
Brake prompt function: Yes.
Steering wheel control function: Yes 
Bluetooth: support 
For SD card slot: Mini TF Card 
GPS card slot: GPS function 
Remote control: Wireless remote control 
USB interface: Yes 
Reset button: RES 
RCA terminal: 2-way video output, 1-way reversing input, 2-way audio output, 1-way video input. 
Front aux audio input: Yes.
Volume knob: Yes 
Warm Tips: 
1. As long as the installation size of the car is matched with the machine, it can be installed and used. 
2. When installing the machine, you must pay attention to the correct wiring. If the machine is not lit up after installation, please connect the red(ACC wire)to car power wire(key wire) 15V,
and yellow(B+ wire) wires to the 12V battery positive pole and the black wires to the negative pole. Try whether the machine can be lighted normally. If it can be lighted normally, it may be because of the existing wiring problems.

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